Are all stand-alone stories featuring strong, independent, and confident women. But when they’re behind closed doors, their insecurities, attitudes, and personal histories bubble to the surface, to stand in the way of them achieving the ultimate of pleasures.

In each story, the bedroom door is cracked open (so to speak)—allowing you to share in each woman’s journey toward finding sexual satisfaction with her partner. You are welcome to come with.


Stevie doesn’t have a problem getting off. Except when she’s with a man and she has no desire to expose her dirty secret for pleasure.

Forensic specialist, Stevie Daniels is poised to be crowned the new day shift supervisor. But first, she must uncover dirt on the rebel night shift supervisor Vin “Snakeman” Vasher. Will ambitious Stevie ruthlessly destroy his career to secure her promotion? Or will temptations of the flesh jeopardize everything sh’s worked for?

Introvert, Vin has thwarted previous attempts to get him fired. This time a female snitch will be glued to his side, and she happens to be the woman who stars in his sexual fantasies. Will having his heart’s desire so close finally melt Vin’s prickish armor? Or will he snub her, and in doing so, blow any chance to make his dreams come true?

Between fiery office politics, a serial killer targeting young women, and simmering sexual desires, the Phoenix Crime Lab is primed for sizzling late-night fireworks.

Who will win? Who will fail? And who will get their Happy Ending?

COMING Fall 2019


Deep in the heart of Texas, growing organic tomatoes becomes dangerous to both body and soul.

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