Born a daydreamer, I’ve always had stories playing in my head. At first they were about my stuffed animals, sports, and far away adventures. The stories changed when I received Barbie and Ken dolls, with a ‘Sleep ‘n Keep’ case that featured double beds. However, I had better plans for them than sleeping. Obviously, poor Ken needed some help to ‘enhance’ his smooth-down-there body. My dirty mind and creative hands quickly got to work, and I constructed him a strap-on, to lead my two lovebirds into banging good times.

My slant toward writing about sweet and spicy couples can be traced back to my early days of watching every episode of The Love Boat, with their version of ‘Happily Ever After’, paired with my love of reading smutty paperbacks.

When I’m not working on another sexy scene, I can be found tending to my organic fruit and vegetable garden. The labor-intensive work is not only good exercise, but the reward is an abundance of fresh produce, which we eat, preserve, freeze; and share with family, friends, neighbors, and (sometimes) the critter population.

As well as enjoying cooking tasty recipes and having a serious addiction to chocolate, I also love nature, sports, American muscle cars, and loud motorcycles. At every chance my husband and I get, we hop on our motorcycles and head out to ride the scenic roads of the Texas Hill Country.

As a writer, I’m a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America, and I also belong to both the Contemporary Romance Writers and San Antonio Romance Authors chapters of the RWA.


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